Great job Tonya. We have used Tonya for 2 events now, a Bridal Shower and my Wedding and I couldn't be more pleased. For the shower, she gave us such creative ideas and everyone loved them. For the wedding, I can't say enough. She allowed my day to be stress free and I never had an empty drink. Her staff is beyond amazing and the food people are still talking about-Mozzerella Stuffed Meatballs were better than my own Italian Mother's (don't tell her that-lol). My recommendation-hire her now, before she is booked for your event..
Ally R.
October 21st, 2019
First class act, I decided to work with Tonya from Your Day Your Way Weddings & Events and my experience was more than I expected. I told her I needed to stay under my $15,000 budget for 175 guests total with everything including DJ, Photographer, food, drinks, dress, invitations, cake, flowers and everything else. My finance said I should of never said how much my budget was because he said they will spend everything up to that amount; however that was not the case. Tonya got everything done for almost $2,000 under budget and we were able to take the honeymoon we never thought we could afford. She even negotiated a price for that so we saved money on our honeymoon. Since we were so grateful for the savings, we decided to send her a "Thank You" check for the remaining balance after the honeymoon in the amount of $547.25 and a very nice handwritten thank you card. When we arrived back from our honeymoon, we received the check back along with a handwritten letter from her thanking us for the opportunity to help us. She told us she was keeping the thank you card and that was all that was necessary and returned our check so we can use it for our future life together. She is a warm, caring person who helped us have the wedding we never thought we could have. She will forever handle all of our events whether they are birthdays, baby showers (hopefully in the future), anniversaries, etc. My advice, call her now before she is booked for your date as she won't take more than one bride per day to give you her full attention-she is wonderful, organized and will help you achieve the most perfect day. First class-all the way
Marci T.
April 21st, 2019
Tonya was awesome to work with. She was responsive, attentive, and made sure to get the job done. She put any and all worries at ease and handled any issues that came up. She was organized and helped get our wedding party down the aisle. We had only hired her as a day of coordinator, but she helped take care of so many other details prior to the wedding. She also worked hard to find deals/save money for you. She helped make my day less stressful, which was so appreciated!
Amanda H.
September 10th, 2018
I have used Tonya for several events now, a Bridal Shower, Wedding and an Anniversary Party-great is all I can say. She does a great job, very efficient and creative. She came in under budget and allowed me extras I didn't think I could afford since she saved me money. I would recommend her again and again. She handled all the details and I was so stress free.
Natalie L.
September 8th, 2018
I feel so bad as this is the first time I have had the time to actually sit and write a review since I got married almost a year ago-wow time flies. I first met Tonya from Your Day Your Way Weddings & Events at another Wedding. At that time I wasn't even engaged but asked her for her card-that was the best thing I ever did-other than marrying my best friend (love ya Peter xoxo). After I got engaged almost 8 months later, I gave her a call. At first I was worried because it took her almost 3 days to first reach out but after I met her and had a consultation with her-I knew she was the one for us for sure. She did explain that when she is at an event-that entire day the client is her first and only focus and that all the calls get returned after events-which with being an upcoming bride-I appreciated. I told her our budget (kinda low balled it just to be safe) and she came in under, yep I said under the already low budget I gave her. She helped us so much with recommending vendors and venues and spent so much time just to find the perfect place for us. My Wedding Day is was storming, like not just a little rain but raining buckets and I mean buckets. She literally followed me everywhere making sure I was covered with an umbrella while she was getting soaked. Our food was amazing (from a caterer from her recommendation), our pictures are stunning and the DJ kept the party going all night-even my 92 year old Grandmother was dancing. Tonya was amazing. She was very organized, punctual, personable and our family and guests loved her. We have recommended her to all of our friends and she has done 2 of their weddings and they couldn't of been happier (hopefully they will post reviews that won't take quite a year to do-like I said time flies). If I could give any upcoming brides some advice-I would say call Tonya at Your Day Your Way Weddings & Events and hire her immediately then you have to worry about nothing. I left everything in her hands and she did the most amazing job for us. Truly thank you for the most memorable day of my life! #bestweddingplannerever #extremelygratefulforTonyaBarnett-McNees
Kathy S.
July 27th, 2018
Great service, great savings, great overall. I decided to work with Tonya from Your Day Your Way Weddings & Events after she did a friends wedding. She saved us tons of money and we were able to take the Honeymoon we never thought we could. She was professional, personable and our guests loved her. Way to go, Tonya definitely another very pleased couple. Thank you for helping us have the wedding my always dreamed of
Katie S.
August 15th, 2015